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November 12, 2007


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Dennis Whittle

Hi Julia -

Nice post! I am glad that you brought that up, and agree with most of what you argue, with one twist. Keep up the good work! (My more elaborated response is here:)


Elimu Academy

Dear sir/madam,
Elimu Academy is an association of women groups in Kisii who wants to come up with cottage industry which is processing vegetable which is produced locally.We are looking for willing micro-credit institution which can give us A loan which can enable us to purchase a machine which can do that job.The main aim is to eradicate poverty amongst young hotcultural farming who are women through resources generation and create self employment for young an elderly women within our society
There is a demand for the product from the local coutrywide supermarket.We came a close your founadation and decided to approach you for a propriate information which can enable us to develop a project for the loan.
Thank you very much as you are considering our request
Yours sincerely
Mrs Hellen Kombo

Natural Health Products

More & more people know that Blog are goods for every one where we can get more knowledge nice job keep it up !


Keep up the good work

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